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Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

What is health?


Health is the natural state when our mind, body and spirit is in complete harmony. I do not perceive health as a destination but rather a state of attunement. It is when our inner self and the outer self reaches a mutual understanding. It is a lifelong calling of mine to maintain such state and continue teaching it to others who are interested on the path of health, balance and happiness.

Health constantly fluctuates but the master will always stay balanced no matter the internal and external influences.


We live in a world bombarded with information, fads and trends. Everyone is following one another in hopes of seeking out the best and the most powerful diet. But, that fails often because it may not be the most natural or appropriate diet for an unique individual.

When our bodies are not receiving proper fuel or when we are not aware of the detrimental effects of certain foods then health cannot be attained.


When applied properly, let food be medicine and medicine be food. 


Even if a being practices healthy eating and exercises often, they are still not prone to diseases if they are not an observant person. A healthy lifestyle may slow down or lessen the degree of certain illnesses but there is a mechanism built into our very core that governs health. We cannot escape suffering until we reach a certain degree of thinking and living. It starts with being observant and conscious. 


Thoughts, urges, emotions, and actions shall all be expressed in a manner that is constructive to the well being of yourself and others.


Whether you are aware or not that everything in our universe has a function. Dis-ease begins when there is a separation or disconnection from ourselves. The spiritual goal for most seekers is to find that bridge, ladder, door, or person so we can become whole again. Once a being connects again with that bridge, health comes back to the body and energy flows at ease


Spirituality is a life-long process of finding oneself.

Once found, then we can begin the "great work".

Healing begins when the self is known

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