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Diet changes, yoga therapy and health assessment

I will share with you pieces of advice to improve your health as I've been studying alternative and older healing modalities for quite some time already. I am a student of Ayurveda(Science/knowledge of life) and I hope to share some insights regarding on how to balance the physical body with the knowledge of energetics in food. I am aware of modern diets, food preparation, nutrition, and food combinations. In a way, I am similar to a psychologist and a philosopher but one who also holds spiritual and medical knowledge.


The condition of your skin, your hair, your weight, your height, your tongue, your teeth, your nails, your voice, your pulse, your breathing, your energy levels and a list of other pointers will show us where your health is at.


That will be our starting point.

One thing to note is that I do not hold a medical degree nor am I a certified nutritionist but I consider myself to be balanced without any physical, mental, or spiritual complications. You shall be the judge and witness. I do follow a stricter routine than the rest of the world to achieve this balance. I continue to do my daily research in herbal formulas and ancient healing techniques as there is never a final destination. We are all students in health and healing. My techniques and medicine keep getting more and more refined while my mind, body & spirit are also being more purified along the process. My greatest findings in health is to follow what's natural and continue being natural. There should be zero resistance and zero effort if one is following the natural/neutral path.

My medical background is a lifelong training in Wisdom with major in Intuition while my University is Earth. 

I've worked with patients on western pharmaceuticals before but I still hold my standpoint- it cannot heal a whole being. As I feel indifferent about pharmaceutical drugs, prescribed medications, unnatural approaches and invasive procedures, it will be much more difficult to work with such beings but not impossible. It will just take longer to achieve balance but there will always be a way. Nature will always triumph and there are no shortcuts in life. We cannot force our way to health in order to avoid suffering, the natural law will always find a way to prove to the unenlightened being that there is no escape from poor life choices. If your focus is health and happiness then together, we will formulate the antidote.


I enjoy searching for natural cures, natural remedies and ancient techniques to bring the body back to equilibrium. I am willing to work with anyone who is interested to learn more about themselves and their relationship with life itself. That usually starts with a healthy diet and the ingestion of suitable foods for specific body types.

After spending some time together, we will definitely be able to sort out foods that are detrimental to your current health. We will then introduce healthier options and lifestyle changes which will enable great health.


Certain poses and certain breathing techniques can open up or stimulate certain parts of the body. The yoga that the modern man practice at studios is not what yoga is all about as that is merely a small aspect of what yoga is. Yoga is the union of the small self with the larger self or perhaps the conscious with the unconscious/subconscious.

I took my training for Yoga and Ayurveda in Nepal, fully immersing with the traditional side of both medicine, diet and lifestyle.

I am a certified yoga teacher who mainly focuses on private and specialized sessions to slowly open up the chakras in an individual promoting the healthy flow of prana(chi) and energy. I dedicate my life to teaching the philosophy of yoga, energy centers, cleansing regime, asanas(poses), breathing techniques, relaxation techniques and meditation techniques. That will equate to health, balance and longevity in the long run.

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