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Online, phone or skype support for healthier living

You can get assisted and receive general support from the comfort of your own home now. Assistance with seasonal diets, Yogic wisdom, Ayurvedic wisdom, Taoist wisdom and wholistic support to improve your daily living.

30 minutes skype/phone call - $75.00

1 hour skype/phone call - $120.00

*Please send all inquiries and potential interests to

Standard Physical and Intuitive Reading


All readings are done in person only. The initial guidance and assessment is mandatory before other services are offered. The time needed will depend on your age, diet, lifestyle, and your unique constitution.

The session includes standard reading about your unique body type, the state of your internal organs, your mental/emotional disposition, spiritual insights, an email follow-up with herbal recommendations, and basic guidance with diet/lifestyle:

For individuals up to the age of 30 (approximately 100 minutes) - $120.00*

For individuals age 31 to 59 (up to 120 minutes) - $150.00*

For individuals age 60 and up (up to 150 minutes and some medicinal support) - $180.00


*Additional cost for individuals that require more time and/or medicinal support.


One short session will rekindle your spark in life.


Flight (these are the services offered only after your initial visit)

Seasonal/Weekly guidance and readings:


Seasonal reading, support & guidance:

$90.00 for up to 1 hour of seasonal check-up


Bi-Weekly/Weekly reading & guidance (1-4 times per month):

$45.00 for up to 45 minutes of weekly/bi-weekly check-up and guidance

*Bi-weekly or weekly guidance is recommended for those in a diseased state so we can monitor and work on overcoming the imbalances together

Guided meditation/hypnotherapy/past life regression:

$180.00 for a standard session up to 3 hours

Private yoga session (not accepting new students until further notice):

$35.00 for 1 hour session

(sun salutation flow, basic asanas and relaxation)

$60.00 for a standard 2 hour session

(power and opening postures, focusing on alignments, breath, and relaxation)

$60.00 for your first 2.5 hour trial session of yoga

(history, branches, philosophy, and objective of yoga will be explained)

Cupping, energy healing and blood detox:

$90.00 for 1 hour session
(Basic cupping and light massage)

Some benefits:

-pain relief


-relieves muscle spasm

-improves digestion

-constipation relief

-improves elimination

-improves immunity

-weight loss

-brings suppressed emotions to the surface

$150.00 for a 1 hour 30 minute session
(Cupping, light massage, energy healing and toxic blood removal)

Additional benefits on top of cupping:

-accelerated healing

-improves sensitivity on all levels

-promotes the proper function of chakras and energetic points

-promotes a stronger connection with the Self

-balances nervous disorders

-cellular detoxification

-removal of acidic blood

-removal of toxic and stagnant blood

-greatly improves energetic flow

-invites prana/chi/life force into the body

-clears mental fog and breath becomes clearer

$150.00 for 1 hour of massage, acupressure/nerve work, energy work and crystal therapy

-pain relief

-relieves muscle spasm and calms nerves

-invites prana/chi/life force into the body

-may feel a sense of empowerment or openness

-brings suppressed emotions to the surface

-alignment of chakras and energetic points

-promotes a stronger connection with the Self

-uniting the higher self with the personality

*Cupping is not recommended for those with wounded or severely dry skin

Ganja Yoga and Meditation private session:

*Only available from April - August


With the support of the Divine plant: Santa Maria(Cannabis), we will be expanding our consciousness, tuning with our subconscious, relaxing the mind and body, then allowing insights and healing energies to pour in. You will be guided and protected for your entire journey. A total of 5~6hours of working with the divine plant, meditation, breath, yoga, energy work, sharing wisdom, music and relaxing. This special plant is grown carefully, organically and with love.


Individual rate: $180.00

With a friend/partner: $160.00 for each participant

Groups of 3-4: $140.00 for each participant

Larger groups or working with other plant spirits: please contact me


My services include but not limited to: energy work, cupping, massage, hypnotherapy, guided meditation, private yoga sessions, spiritual guidance, sharing of ancient knowledge, herbal formulas, methods of food preparation, lifestyle changes and assessing your health in all aspects. None of my offerings are intended to be a substitute for medication, pharmaceuticals, drugs or the advice of your health care provider.

I accept e-transfer, paypal and cash.

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