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Introducing He Shou Wu, one of the "immortal herbs". This tincture has been double extracted using prepared(Shu) He Shou Wu. First steeped in alcohol for 6 months with Citrine stones accompanying the process then finally hot water extracted. The alcohol tincture form surpasses the powdered and tea form because the beneficial constituents are not entirely water soluble. The final product was then charged with smokey quartz with the intention for "Grounding, Balancing, Replenishing, and Rejuvenating"


1:4 extract/15ml/Alcohol content 20%


He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum), which is also known as Fo-Ti is rich in iron and zinc-two hard to get essential minerals. He Shou Wu is a first-class blood builder and cell proliferant. There are a number of compounds in the plant that enhance circulation, strengthen red blood cell membranes and stimulate blood-generating hematopoietic stem cells. He Shou Wu also protects and helps maintain the structural integrity of the liver, improves brain function and memory, and enhances immune system functioning in humans and other mammals.


He Shou Wu works to increase kidney/adrenal Jing, which is where Taoists believe this energy is stored in the body. This also has the added benefit of harmonizing, balancing, and ultimately calming the nervous system, making He Shou Wu an excellent tonic for those facing burnout or under high levels of stress or excess sexual activitiy. 


He Shou Wu has a sweet taste, warm nature, and it masters the five hemorrhoidal complaints as well as all hidden illnesses and emaciating influences in the loins and abdomen. It expands the muscles and helps people to have many children because it increases Jing(semen or sexual force). It strengthens and stabilizes the lower back and knees. He Shou Wu is also used to enhance sexual drive and fertility in men and women. It can increase sperm count in men and help build more semen even in old age. It helps build ova in women as well. Taken as a food, this substance supplements the body's qi/prana/ki. It also increases strength, nourishes the skin, and prolongs life.


Chinese Legends

1. Neng Si, a man with a weak constitution who, after taking a large dose of He Shou Wu for several years, experienced a radical shift towards vitality, including his full head of gray hair turning back to black. Thus, the herb was named “He Shou Wu” — which literally translates to “Old Black Haired.” Over the next ten years, he fathered several children, and changed his name to Neng Si, which means “Capable of Bearing Offspring.”


2. There is a famous story that has been widely spread about a man named Li Qing Yuen, who, as the tale goes, is said to lived up to 252 years old. When interviewed, Li Qing Yuen said that his diet consisted of porridges, Goji berries, He Shou Wu, Ginseng and various other life-promoting herbs. What was surprising was the fact that Li Qing Yuen was quite modest and humble about it as he hinted that his teacher was even older than himself.


Directions for use: you may drop 3-5 drops under the tongue to get a little energy boost, dilute 7-10 drops in a tea cup, 10-20 drops in a mug. Start slowly for the first week and you may take up to 40-80 drops daily if needed. *Sensitive individuals may need much less. If the alcohol content is a concern then dilute in hot liquid for 3-5minutes and the alcohol content will evaporate. Personally, I like to dilute the droppers in my Pu'erh and Oolong teas. As with all adaptogens, remember to give your body resting time if dosing everyday. A general rule of thumb is 3 weeks on and 1 week off. The 1 week off would be the resting period where you can work with other herbs. 


*Personal note: I am a sensitive individual myself and in each tea sitting, I would place around 5-7 drops into my small 30ml tea cups. I would have around 20 drops in each tea sitting. My experience with this herb and tincture is that it is very grounding, warming, nourishing and I feel a thin layer of qi protecting my organs and skin. It is known as a rejuvenative but you don't have to be stressed or worn out to take this herb as it it boosts the health of already healthy individuals. With proper habits, healthy lifestyle and ingestion of life-promoting herbs, 200+ years lifespan should not be impossible. 

He Shou Wu Medicinal Tincture 15ml

  • My refund policy is simple, if the tincture is broken due to my poor wrapping and you provide the picture evidence without removing any of wrapping, and opening of the tincture, I will send a new one to you.

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