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Meditation and Truth

Zen To Sana is a page dedicated to the healing and balancing of 3 bodies: mind, body & spirit.

The meaning of the word "Zentosana" is taken from two Japanese words, Zen and Sana.

The word, "To" basically means "and".

Zen is a profound deep state of meditation that can be all encompassing yet filled with emptiness. Zen is an internal state reached by practitioners where nothing of the outer world can affect the practitioner. Zen is the beginning and also the end. Zen is the harmonizer between all worlds which includes the heavens and the underworlds. To experience Zen, one needs to achieve a state of no thinking and pure nothingness. In a state of nothingness, everything shall be achieved. That is the naked truth.

Sana translates as truthfulness or honesty.

I resonate with these 2 words because that is how I approach healing. Zen allows me to view something in an unbiased way. Both sides and all sides of the story are shown to me if I am quiet, peaceful and calm. By practicing Zen, equanimity is achieved where no matter the gender, appearance, social status, or nationality of a person, we will do our best to lessen a sentient being's suffering. By practicing truth, no amount of suffering shall come to the practitioner's way because sickness only resides in places where impurity and deceit exist.

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