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My stance on healing

While it's true that optimism and positive thinking can assist the healing process, don't ever for one second think that's all you need. Faith healing requires a person to over ride their logical mind (ego); it is the work of a master which requires strict discipline and a lifestyle that is pure (sattvic). Faith/willpower healing is the highest of all healing yet not recognized by doctors nor suitable for everyone. We're pretty blocked as a collective, we no longer believe in magic and always remain skeptical. Faith healing is only beginning to gain momentum again as we learn to connect to the subconscious and clear away old limiting beliefs.

My story began as a faith healer/energy worker/hypnotherapist but seeing so many blockages in people and not seeing the physical side of things improve, I expanded my territories to the physical side where even those with little or no faith can receive healing by applying proper knowledge into their life. Learning Taoist diets, Ayurveda and Yoga throughout these last several years, I now walk with humanity and want to assist in opening their minds/hearts.

Starting with the basics, we need to start with square one. Stick to nurturing good habits, consuming foods that are natural/wholesome, embark on daily exercise- which will help build a strong life force. That's when an aspect of healing begins. The spiritual side can join in later.

Healing needs to be wholesome. Many on the spiritual path neglect their body as they disassociate the self with the body. Yet, the body is a divine instrument or vehicle that needs constant tuning- don't ever neglect it else you won't be able to play your unique sound/song/vibration.

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