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Energy Balancing / Clair-sentience


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla


Everything in our world is composed of energy whether it is moving or stationary. A person's well being and state of consciousness is depicted by their auras, chakras and their vibrations. Although, I do not consider myself to have the absolute highest vibration on Earth, I do consider myself balanced and healthy.  It has been this way for many years and it shall continue to be this way. It is also my daily goal to be in harmony/intuned with our universe through meditation, yoga and contemplation. When we meet and are in the proximity of each other, there is subtle energetic work already being done. As simple as this all sounds, you just have to be near my proximity and our higher aspects will balance out the energies. My wish is that you take this feeling of wellness back home with you.




If you are familiar with energy, chi, and prana then you would have heard of energetic healing, reiki, qigong, and long distance healing before. I work with breath, awareness and crystals to attune myself to subtle energies. After countless fasts and meditation sessions, I have reached a marking point in my energetic potential. My energy can be controlled with meditation and radiated to nearby beings and objects. You can consider scheduling a cupping, acupressure, massage or energy healing session here. You will feel very opened and relaxed during the session. Also if you feel exhausted and tired afterwards, that is completely normal as your body will continue to mimic a new level of vibration or healing.

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance


"There is only eternity, knowledge and bliss!" ―Kuan Yin


By tuning into the energies, the right words with the right intent we will be able to solve many life issues intuitively. Many problems and illnesses are usually self-inflicted and self-caused due to the nature of karma. What we do unto others, we do to ourselves. It is my goal to help a being realize that we must do our daily homework of balancing our emotions, clearing our mind, ingesting balanced foods, and allowing ourselves to naturally unfold. 

Wisdom is my most preferred weapon in combating imbalances.

If you've read this far already, I applaud your concentration and focus. 

Energy healing

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