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Preparing for a session and expectations


If you haven't met me before, please contact me and briefly introduce yourself with why you are seeking spiritual and wholesome guidance in your life's journey.

My Approach

There is no one modality that can alleviate all sickness. Science cannot and traditional medicine also cannot. For when a disease is so deeply rooted, it shall escape all prying eyes. Some diseases like arthritis, eczema, viruses, candida imbalances, parasites and cancers love to shift around the body just to show that if the root cause isn't addressed, it will come back in another time, shape or form. We've seen far too many cases in surgeries and invasive procedures where a client becomes less and less healthy with consecutive operations.

Treating symptoms do not heal a being, it merely brings temporary relief and then prolongs the vitiation of a disease.


The root cause must be addressed in healing otherwise no progress is made.

Wisdom, Intuition and Energy will bring a disease into the spotlight.

When you choose to work with me, you are allowing a finely tuned pair of eyes to peer into your soul.

We may or may not unravel the nature of the dis-ease right away.

But, together with our combined effort, dedication, discipline, meditation, focus and persistence, we shall transmute dis-ease into ease and ill-ness into well-ness. All imbalances shall be conquered.


My goal is to alleviate your discomfort and suffering in the physical shell; I do not treat symptoms, I work with the whole being. My approach is also slow and steady so if you are in a rush to get better, we may not be compatible with each other.

Below would be what I generally assist with but not limited to:

-Body weight management

-Increasing muscle mass

-Fertility, Sexuality, Vitality enhancement

-Reducing Inflammatory states


-Immune system support

-Normalizing digestive disorders

-Clearing up the skin

-Returning warmth to the body

-Reducing anxiety, panic attacks, and stabilizing nerves

-Teaching about food preparation/compatibility

-Reading/guidance on the emotional and mental levels of a being

-Teaching yogic poses and a pure way of living

-Meditation and connection with the subconscious

-Spiritual wisdom and guidance

Below is what I do not work with:

-Torn limbs and ligaments 

-Broken bones and cartilages 

-Cuts, gashes, and huge blood loss 

-Psychic attacks and haunting


-Acute poisoning 

-Worm/parasite infestation 

-Long term drug abuse and addictions



-An individual with heavy medication

-An individual heavily rooted in Science and Logic

-Connecting with the death of a loved one

A typical session

Our first session or meeting will be approximately 1.5hours long. The focus will mainly be about you and not too much about me. If you want to know my personal life story/awakening, you can read about it here.  Otherwise, the health assessment begins the moment we meet. Our physical meeting will hold many clues to the approach that we'll need to take in order to achieve greater balance. I sometimes utilize palm reading, skin/hair reading, pulse reading, tongue diagnostic, energy sensing and various other tools to provide further guidance. Since I'm a believer that many answers that we seek are already in us, what better way than to physically reveal it using modern and ancient techniques?

Upon your first visit, we will obtain a general overview of your health/your degree of imbalances/your habits/your personality and equip you with the proper blue print and suitable diet/herbs/teas so you can start understanding your unique body. Depending on how your current state of health is, there will be quite a bit of applicable knowledge shared with you so our next meeting will not be so soon. There is work to be done as you are part of the formula for healing.

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